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We are a team made up of product designers, business strategists, and engineering masterminds. Previously we've developed products for many companies, for brands such as LG, Hoover and Samsung.


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A product design and innovation veteran, Gregg is passionate about transforming technologies into compelling products that change people’s lives.


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  • Amp Bluetooth Speaker case

  • Instructions

  • Choice of colors

  • Quick start guide

  • Amp charging cable

  • Clean cloth



  • 1,000 mAh 7.4v Lithium Ion rechargeable battery up to 7 hour run time

  • 2 ultra low profile electromagnetic exciters

  • 2 resin fiber honeycomb acoustic panels

  • 2 Aluminum frame acoustic structures

  • Multiple codecs: A2DP, DSP

  • Microfiber optical quality fabric covering acoustic panels and

  • iPad™ screen protection


The iPad™ snaps into place and is always ready with a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 7 hours. It turns on with the push of a button, and wirelessly connects through Bluetooth with iPad™. Closing the flat acoustic panels turns Amp off automatically.


Amp for iPad™ goes along for the ride when closed, then just flip down Amp’s built-in stand, unfold the speakers, and share with everyone around. iPad™ can unsnap anytime and other Bluetooth devices can even play through Amp.


Amp is designed to fill a room with incredible sound at double the volume of most portable Bluetooth speakers. And the theater effect is magical and delights people instantly.


Over two years ago, the team got word of a new technology in speakers. This technology enabled room-filling sound through a special combination of components that utilize honeycomb-resin flat acoustic panels. Everyone they demonstrated the technology to was amazed, with viewers usually asking “Where is that incredible sound coming from?” When people saw the source of the sound on the back of the flat panels, they couldn’t believe their ears and eyes.


It took our frustration of watching so many people’s struggle to share great videos or music on their iPad™, to realize the connection we could create between this technology and the iPad™. When we started making simple prototypes to test the idea, everyone told us we had to make this become a reality. And as a result of our innovation, we were awarded a patent.


Inspired by this, we started OIO Tech so that we could dedicate time to give birth to a brand and find a way to bring Amp to market. Our team then began crafting, testing, and prototyping every possible solution. Relentless in searching for the ideal approach, and after two years of innovation, the perfected the design of Amp is now in production.




All iPad™ models mentioned are trademarks of Apple Computer

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